MODEL HOME is a performance series set in an almost life-size DOLLHOUSE installation designed and produced by Monica MIrabile and Secret Project robot. The curated month depicted various performances and choreographed productions within the house, to create an immersive familiar interpretation of "home", movement poetics and culture from APRIL 16th - May 14th 2015

Model Home Fluct+ is a production of FLUCT choreography inside Model Home. An hour long performance including 13 women. Fluct’s choreography navigates codes of control within the strange fiction of home life.

Performers include: Bebe Yama, Natalie Encarnacion, Gina Chiapetta, Sarah Kinlaw, Sigrid Lauren, Monica Mirabile, Shireen Ahmed, Jillian Siegel, Chelsea Pfohl, Erin Grant, Kelsey Dakota, Sarah Zapata.